How To Fail


One of the biggest reasons you're not creating the life you want is a fear of failing

"What if I put myself out there and it doesnt work?"

Then if it doesnt work you will tell yourself "I shouldn't have done those things, they were the wrong things to do, its me, I'm just useless, whats the point and now i'm just disappointed?"


Our brains are programmed to be cautious. Stay unseen, Stay small.  If we don't, theres a strong chance we might die!


We didnt evolve from the risk takers, we didnt evolve from the ancestors that thought exploring caves and trying new berries was a good idea. Those people died. SO we inherited the "caution" gene, from the survivors.


So you know that thing that you want to change, because if you do, you know you will feel fabulous, and when you feel fabulous your horse will see that fabulousness and want to be part of it?


but when you think about the thing that flippin Lizard creeps in.

"I wont be able to stick with it"

"It probably wont work anyway"

"It will be a waste of time"

"It will be embarrassing if I fail"


SO then Miss Rationaliser comes in to lend a hand.

"you dont have the time anyway"

"You dont have the Money"

"and besides that your partner wouldn't support you"


And you stay where you are. 


Learning to fail is a thing. We avoid it because we don't want to feel the emotions it brings up in us. Frustration, humiliation, shame, overwhelm, anxiety, disappointment (to name a few!)


You can learn to change that though. How you feel is based on your thoughts and the meaning you put on failure. 

What if you thought

I'm going to do this thing...and I'm going to fail....A LOT!  But you know what?

"Failure means I'm learning"

"Failure means I'm no longer playing safe in my comfort zone"

"Failure means I'm getting stronger and more resilient"


Go out and TRY to fail!!!  See how many times you can fail this week and when you fail, count it as a WIN!


If you want to succeed double your failure rate




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