Becky Thompson

Helping you feel excited about your day, sorting out the stuff in your life thats not working, so you can be the best version of yourself for your horse (and others!)

  • Do you feel Overwhelmed, Frustrated or anxious? Maybe you just feel its all very mediocre

  • Do you lack the support, knowledge or guidance you need to move forward?


  • Are you treading water, Procrastinating or even feel like you are going backwards?

  • Are you anxious about moving forward or making the changes you know you need to make?

What is being stuck, anxiousand unsure costing you?

Too many people are not loving the life they find themselves in. Feeling lost, lacking confidence, self worth or self belief. I get it, and I can help. Horse riders too anxious to ride their horse, Mums who can't remember who they are anymore, women feeling like frauds at work or not believing they can find a job they love. It doesn't have to be this way I promise.

I specialise in helping you find your confidence, your self belief and discover who you are again. Whether thats confidence with your horse or in other aspects of your life (its all connected!) You'll create and live a life you love.

"I barely know where to start - but believe me when I say...this is probably one of the best investments I’ve ever made."


"Becky is patient, understanding, caring and I feel that she truly "gets" me, she knows exactly how to help"

Creating the life you want doesn't have to be scary

(infact you'll positively enjoy it!)


Step one jump on a free coaching call (eek..I know this is the hardest bit!)


Then here's what happens on the call (once your heart rate is back to normal obvs)


1. We figure out and clarify the problem(s)

2. We identify what you want (even if you have no idea right now)

3. We create a path to get you there

4. You walk away knowing your next steps! (yep its that easy!)

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Address: 123 Street View, United states